What If you told me?I am told I am “extremely intelligent”.

I know “ignorance is bliss”.

I am told I “make people think”.

I know that most try not to.

I am told I “sound crazy” but am “right”.

I know it’s concerning when “crazy” is “right”.

I am told that I “do not understand social cues”.

I know the “Neurotypicals” see a “flaw in my code”.

I am told I “say things that offend people”.

I know I am honest.

I am told that I “need to work on” my “presentation”.

I know when you are lying.

I am told that I live in a “civilized society”.

I know what it’s like to live in a “tax payer” funded cage.

I am told that “that’s the way things are”.

I know “things change”.

I am told that I am “developmentally disabled”.

I know that I frighten most with my “developed abilities”

I am told I am “Autistic”.

I know more about “Autism” than most “Educated Professionals”.

I am told I cannot say “High Functioning Autistic” any longer “because it is offensive to the parents of other Autistic children”.

I know that you have no “legal rights” to your own child.

I am told that I am not “capable” of “being on my own”.

I know that I have been kept secluded/separate/alone since I was born.

I am told I cannot “empathize”.

I know you want to kill me and I haven’t killed you first